12 06/2019

Licenses & Permits

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This class will help you learn about business structures and the required licenses and permits your business may need. You will also learn how to complete applications for various licenses and other legal documents for your business.

9 05/2019

NY Travelers Small Business Risk Education Program

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VEDC and Travelers will host a business resilience conference during National Small Business Week, in partnership with NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS). NYC business owners face many challenges that can impact their operations and assets. Could your business survive a natural disaster, a fire, or a cyber attack? Join us for a business networking lunch, panel discussion [...]

30 01/2019

Financial Projections

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This class will provide hands on training on how to do financial projections for a start-up business or an existing business.   You will learn about profit and lost statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.   Learn the importance of budgets and how financial planning and forecasting can improve sales and grow your business.   Make better [...]

29 01/2019

Doing Social Media Right

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In this workshop you will learn how to choose the right social media networks to market your business and how they differ from each other. After learning how each of them work you will learn how to create content for them that will engage, nurture, and sell to your audience, converting them into customers.    [...]

24 01/2019

Insider Tricks to Opening a Successful Restaurant: Part 2

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Continue your journey to successfully planning for the launch of your restaurant project. We will discuss the importance of choosing the right location for your restaurant, hurdles you will have to jump through to comply with Los Angeles county and city restaurant opening requirements, how to minimize costs associated with opening, securing the best lease [...]

23 01/2019

Access to Capital

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In this workshop you will learn about the importance of setting up short-term and long-term goals.  Entrepreneurs will understand how to control cost and manage liquidity all in one workshop.  You will acquire information about the difference between conventional lenders and alternative lenders. This training will help you understand why having financial stability is essential [...]

15 01/2019

Building a Successful Business Plan

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If your company is seeking financing or direction and you want to know the basics of how to write a successful business plan – sign up here! Avoid pitfalls and detours; go directly to success with this hands-on Business Plan workshop. Without proper planning your business can veer from business success into a dead end. How to establish [...]