6 06/2019

Webinar: How to Get Leads Online Month After Month Without an Agency

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Getting Leads And Turning Them Into Clients How to get leads online month after month without an agency. In this free webinar, we’ll cover how to create the perfect lead funnel that turns cold leads into sales. ✅ You can use these proven marketing methods that your competitors have forgotten about to crush your competition. ✅ Learn [...]

16 05/2019

How to Get Unlimited Leads, Part 3: Offer

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How to Get Unlimited Leads to Your Website This three part series will teach you funnel marketing—how to create a hook to get an email address and how to turn that email address into a client. Part 3 will focus on your OFFER. This workshop will be focusing on creating your offer and upsell offers. Here [...]

24 10/2018

Sales and Marketing

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Establish the principals of developing a Sales Plan, Budget and Marketing Plan. Learn to create the concept for a plan, which will ultimately create the message and direction for the company. The goal is to influence both the Retail Buyer and the Consumer. You will learn to analyze various media and promotional outlets in drawing [...]

27 09/2018

Building Successful Brands Utilizing Amazon.com

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Looking to start a business? Or already have a business and looking to grow? Learn how to effectively build cash flow, gain a loyal audience, and create a catchy brand so you can be that kick-butt entrepreneur you always dreamed of becoming utilizing Amazon’s seller tools and resources. Instructor: Mackenzie Flick

20 09/2018

Reinventing Retail

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A growing concern for consumers is flawless shipping and easy returns, and a strong focus on the development of eCommerce. The reality is the integration between retail, online stores and higher-end products online seems to be growing. Come to this workshop and find out what you can do to better improve the retail experience for [...]

11 09/2018

Fashion Sales and Marketing

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In order to succeed in your fashion business, you need a sales and marketing plan. In this workshop, we will discuss how to create a sales and marketing plan to build awareness for your business and its products. Instructor: Richard Stern

11 09/2018

Social Media for My Business

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Are your clients in social media and you’re not? This workshop is for you. You will be able to discover the available options in the digital world to impact your business and take it to the next level. Through creative content, strategies  to manage social media and digital marketing. You will discover the best means [...]