20 03/2019

“How to leverage community outreach and grass roots marketing to build your marketing plan”

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In this class, you will learn the importance of community outreach and grass roots marketing for marketing your new or existing business. Whether your marketing budget is $200 or $2000 a month, you will learn key strategies and techniques you need to build your brand and attract new customers. The class will explain the importance [...]

5 02/2019

Social Media

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Small business owners, you’re likely pressed for funds, time, and/or people power. That means you need to have a game plan for your social media marketing. Without it, social media can be ineffective and cost you a lot of money. Learn how the big companies use social media in their favor and how to implement [...]

16 01/2019

Marketing 4.0

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The linchpin of any business’ success is marketing. Researching the market, targeting and branding make up the successful elements of a strategic marketing plan, answering who are a company’s primary customers, what is its value proposition and how to reach and keep customers. Marketing 4.0: Plan to Profit is a fast paced one session boot [...]

14 11/2018

Learn How To Grow Your Business On Instagram

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Instagram is a powerful and fun social tool that allows you to market your business to hundreds of new customers every day! There are over 1 Billion Instagram users, and learning simple strategies to gain targeted followers can significantly increase your businesses revenue. Instagram is a simple & effective way to connect to new customers: Create an [...]