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Khristopher Shavers is always looking to the future. As an astute entrepreneur, he set out to purchase a business he could develop, and decided on Unbeatable Eatables, a high-quality sandwich shop in Country Club Hills, Illinois, a suburb in Chicago with the potential for incredible growth.

The previous owner was eager to retire, so in 2011, with a loyal customer following and a solid location, Khris began building his vision of franchising the restaurant. He added another location in Oak Forest, improved the company’s online and mobile presence, and increased promotion of the shop’s competitive edge—superior everything. From its warm and friendly customer service to the premium ingredients, freshly-sliced meats and cheeses, artisan breads, and delicious signature sauces, Unbeatable Eatables is a cut above the competition at every step. “Over 80% of our customers come back, time and time again,” Khris laughs. “After twenty years, thirty years, people keep coming back. So we must be doing something right.”

The next step was to build up the brand recognition and increase the customer base. VEDC and the Chicagoland Business Opportunity Fund partnered with Kris to purchase a food truck and delivery vehicle, and helped build a brand-recognition campaign in the area to appeal to franchisees and workers eager to operate a popular restaurant. “Some want to invest, some want to leave their jobs and own their own business. I’ve been training managers to put in those locations to insure a smooth transition.”

Khris foresees Unbeatable Eatables becoming more than a maker of high-quality sandwiches. He believes the franchise can be a hope to his community and entrepreneurs everywhere with a dream of business ownership. “We’re looking to give individuals the same opportunity that VEDC gave us. We’re looking for people who don’t have a million dollars to start with, who are working hard for themselves, making a salary. We want to give back, and help the little guy be a part of a great brand, a great product, a long-standing history, and a great customer following.”

Visit Unbeatable Eatables at one of its locations, or on the web at unbeatableeatables.net.

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Unbeatable Eatables

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