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In February 2018, Kellin Esquivel-Gunn decided to quit her job and dedicate herself to developing her business, Sketch Pup! Sketch Pup! takes pet pictures and uses them to design fun art. The pieces are converted into canvas artwork or placed on a t-shirt or bag.

Unsure of where to start, she turned to VEDC’s Women Business Center (WBC) in Sherman Oaks. She attended the classes and learned how to build her business plan, where to gain access to capital, different marketing strategies, how to design websites, and more. With the help of the WBC, Kellin was able to register her new business and get all of the right licenses and permits in place. She is also proud to say she designed her own website, thanks to the skills she learned at the Women’s Business Center. In just six months of training and consulting, Kellin went from an idea to a fully-functioning website, ready to sell her unique products.

Kellin Esquivel-Gunn, owner of Sketch Pup! pet pictures

Kellin Esquivel-Gunn

Kellin started Sketch Pup! after meeting her adopted Chihuahua, Lalita. Lalita created a much needed sense of connection and pure unconditional love. These feelings inspired Kellin to pick up her brush to give people an art piece to remember their pets forever. Her goal is to preserve the story of pets and their owners with a happy and fun design for years to come. A portion of each sale is donated to help protect animals.

Not only did Kellin learn through the workshops and consultations, she also joined the board of the Mujeres Empresarias committee, a program of the WBC for Spanish-speaking women business owners. In this group, she found a community to support her and a platform for her to network, sell her products and services, and learn about different business opportunities. She’s also excited to find a way to give back to others who are looking to make their own dreams come true.

Kellin says, “I didn’t know this center existed. I needed a place to ask questions and get answers. A place to network with other entrepreneurs who are in the same situation. The Women’s Business Center was that place. They understand what entrepreneurs are going through.”

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