Salt Room LV

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True physical and spiritual energy abounds at the Salt Room LV, the successful Halotherapy business founded by Ava Mucikyan and co-owned with Raffi Mucikyan on the quiet edges of Las Vegas.

Since opening in November 2014, The Salt Room LV, owned and operated by Ava, has grown its services to include special meditation and yoga classes, healing massages, and contract employees to handle the increasing business. Known as “Halotherapy”, visitors enter a special room that mimics the climate of a salt cave, treating a wide range of physical symptoms and soothing respiratory conditions in lungs and sinuses. Through meditation, patients relax, indulge in halo-massages and body treatments, and, surprisingly, find themselves talking with old friends.

“People who haven’t met each other in years were suddenly reconnecting,” Ava says. “It actually became a place where small business owners could visit and relax together.”

This is no fluke. Ava has an extensive background in small business development, helping other entrepreneurs through the loan process before beginning the search for her own business backing. She had never heard of VEDC, however, until she met Leanna Jenkins and started the process that allowed her to build start-up capital without selling her larger possessions. “Leanna told me that, based on the assets I had, I didn’t need to liquidate anything.” She was able to hire a full-time employee one month after opening, and now employs instructors from a wide range of therapy backgrounds to host classes.

True to her passion, Ava continues to help local small business owners and entrepreneurs in Las Vegas, even speaking at a Microsoft-hosted event for Small Business Week on May 3rd. And, we are honored to say, she still stays in contact with Leanna and VEDC. “VEDC is definitely a fantastic organization,” she affirms.

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