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Chicago, IL – In 2013, Russ Grant decided to use his 50 years of bar and restaurant industry experience to take a leap of faith: he opened the bar and grill Parts and Labor in Chicago’s vibrant Logan Square neighborhood. Known for its classic burgers and craft beers, the grill has a solid regular crowd and draws the attention of visitors every day.

Thanks to support from VEDC-CBOF, Russ was able to grow his restaurant and add 40 jobs from the local community, improve cash flow, and even launch a full tap-beer system featuring 15 beers, kept cold in a brand new walk-in cooler purchased in part with VEDC-CBOF funding. Besides providing employment opportunities, Parts and Labor has consistently supported other Chicago businesses by using other foods and ingredients produced and purchased locally.

“I approached CBOF for funding of growth capital,” Grant says, “[but] CBOF gave us the capital that allowed us to look forward to the next level in the future of Parts and Labor. I am convinced our current sales growth of well over 35% would not have been possible without VEDC-CBOF funding.”

Visit Parts and Labor for great food and a unique industrial atmosphere. 

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Parts & Labor

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