La Fiesta Party Supplies and Gifts

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Mirna Aracely Garcias was born in Guatemala. She immigrated to the United States legally in 2000 in order to seek a better life and immediately began working in hopes of achieving the American dream. She met a young man and he soon became her boyfriend. They both had the same goals, to work hard and create a future for themselves and their future children. They decided that he would open a business in the City of Los Angeles to have financial security. 

They got married and had three children, and opened a party supply store, La Fiesta Party Supplies and Gifts. Mirna kept her job for three years while the new business grew. She was the household provider during this time, because like most businesses, they didn’t make enough money during the first years. After three years of establishing the party store in the community, the couple decided to work together to grow the business even more. Encountering cash flow issues due to the seasonal nature of the industry, they visited the Small Business Administration district office to seek help with financing. The SBA referred them to VEDC in March of 2018, where they were introduced to the West Valley BusinessSource Center for access to capital consulting. On March 26, 2019, Mirna was able to obtain an SBA loan.

They immediately overcame their cash flow issues and continued to increase sales by approximately 10%.

Another accomplishment as a result of the loan and consulting was that they became distributors, growing and fulfilling orders nationwide and internationally. In April 2019, after a nomination by the West Valley BusinessSource Center, La Fiesta Party Supplies and Gifts was awarded the SBA’s Small Business Exporter of the Year recognition. This award is the beginning of many opportunities for Mirna and her family. It also serves as a tool for marketing and to build her international portfolio.

La Fiesta Party Supplies and Gifts is now growing at such a rapid pace that they are looking to hire a new part-time employee and the possibility of expansion to a new location in Los Angeles. VEDC and the West Valley BusinessSource Center stand with Mirna and her business as it continues to flourish and nurture the community.

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