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One day, Michael Elliot, an award-winning Hollywood screenwriter, noticed that nail salons seemed to be solely directed towards the women of the world. Men don’t exactly feel welcome in that space, partially because of the décor and the services offered, and partially because most salons are historically male-free zones. Michael decided that the time of men feeling uncomfortable in nail salons was coming to an end, and from his enlightenment, a new business idea was born— A luxury nail shop for men, white and blue-collar, who care about hygiene and appearance, businessmen and men who work with their hands all day. The name came to him instantly: Hammer & Nails.

He built a business plan and a logo, then thought long and hard about his idea, asking himself if this was really what he wanted to do. He knew pursuing the first Los Angeles nail shop for guys was a huge risk, traveling uncharted waters. After running the numbers again and again, Michael decided it was worth the effort. The volume of customers the salon would need to survive was conservative enough, and he was ready to get started.

Michael’s next step was financing. He contacted VEDC for a small business loan and guidance. “Taking that first big step into starting a business and contacting VEDC was one of, if not the best, decisions I have ever made.” Hammer & Nails, “The Nail Shop for Guys in Motion”, opened on November 9, 2013 on the iconic Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, and was an instant success.

“I put my small business loan to good use, in finding valuable assets to build my establishment’s brand and design our space,” says Michael Elliot. He hopes to franchise his unique concept where “a man’s most difficult decisions hinge on which channel to watch or what beverage to sip.”

Learn more about Hammer & Nails by visiting their website or through more positive articles.

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