Grand Opening of Eclipse Theaters in Las Vegas

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Eclipse Theaters, a premier theater in Downtown Las Vegas, hosted its grand opening ceremony on December 8th, 2016 with Mayor Carolyn Goodman and various city councilmembers and staff. Nic Steele, owner and founder of Eclipse Theaters and entrepreneur at heart, helped lead the ceremony and hosted the very first public film showing at the new establishment, the first luxury theater in downtown Las Vegas.

Nic started Eclipse Theaters in 2015. “I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and the excitement around the revitalization of downtown Las Vegas is both infectious and undeniable! When you walk around Downtown, you want to jump in and help build Downtown into some place special. There’s so much potential for the area, I really just want to contribute in some way. Eclipse Theaters is really filling a void in the market. It’s pretty unbelievable that Downtown Las Vegas doesn’t already have a movie theater. Eclipse Theaters not only will satisfy the demand for a theater but will also make the area more attractive as a destination. That’s why we’re focusing on the guest experience by bringing a high level of service and unique offerings from a programming standpoint.”

Eclipse Theater Grand Opening

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“Eclipse Theaters is a unique destination! It offers an upscale, concierge-style experience that includes reserved seating and in-theater food and beverage service throughout the film. Guests will recline in luxurious leather chaise-style seats equipped with a convenient call button to request your server at any time. Expect a higher level of customer service in any of the eight auditoriums. Elevated beyond the traditional movie theater experience, Eclipse has also added two VIP box suites. The VIP suites allow a group and/or individual to experience movies in a space usually found at modern sport and concert arenas.”

For small business owners, Nic offers these sage words of advice, “Be persistent. People may say no, but if your heart and mind says yes, be persistent, plan thoroughly and execute. Select good honest people to build your business with. People who have the right attitude and are excited about the endeavor will be your most valuable assets. Learn to love the challenges. As an entrepreneur, obstacles are going to come your way. Just expect them and try to anticipate issues before they arise. Even when it’s hard you can’t give up!”

The construction of Eclipse Theaters positively impacted the Downtown economy by creating more than 300 jobs in the construction sector, and Nic has since created 112 staff jobs at the theater.

“Nevada Business Opportunity Fund was one of the few lenders to actually look at our business in its entirety. They was able to analyze the risk and see opportunity in our capital structure and in our business model. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate their lending team and the leadership of the organization. VEDC is lending the right way and has a bright future ahead.”

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