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The first thing one typically notices about AdvertiseMint is its catchy name. CEO Brian Meert is well aware that he scored big with his domain, but what is even more impressive is AdvertiseMint’s number one Google ranking. As the leading Facebook advertising agency in the world, AdvertiseMint brings a fast-paced approach to Facebook and Instagram advertising while focusing on maximizing their clients’ ROIs. One of Meert’s first pieces of advice to anyone starting a business is making sure to snag a great domain name.

Brian got his MBA in 2003 in Riverside, CA. There, John Thomas, the dean of business at La Sierra University, asked Brian why he was not starting his own company, a question Brian had not ever considered. Raised by two nurses, the twenty-three-year-old student was taught to work hard for a boss. However, although the spirit of creativity came naturally to him, an entrepreneurial one had to be encouraged. Brian’s business school mentor told him to report back every week with what he had done to contribute to creating a company. The first thing Brian did was ask his dean to sign an NDA when he and some friends finally came up with a solid business idea. Lesson one: have people sign NDAs. Lesson two: be prepared for those people to be offended when asked to sign an NDA.

Brian sold his first company several years later to a larger corporation. And so started his journey of founder-hood.

“There has never been a more powerful advertising tool to reach the exact person that you want for as little money as possible.”

Brian Meert

Brian was an early adopter of Google AdWords and saw the tremendous potential in targeted advertising before, well, before most. After starting a company, selling that company, and acquiring a corporate position, Brian noticed lots of people with limited AdWords knowledge starting agencies and gleaning mild success. With more than a decade of experience in targeted advertising and general marketing, he started AdvertiseMint. Brian built the company around a particular purpose, to create successful Facebook advertising campaigns for his clients. Brian contributes his business’ undeniable success to remaining laser-focused on nailing this mission first and foremost.

Three years ago, AdvertiseMint looked very different than it does today. The company’s workforce was Brian on a laptop in a coworking space with no dedicated desk and a pressing need for employee number two. VEDC offered the capital he needed to reach the company’s inflection point. Brian says that the microloan from VEDC was a game changer in helping AdvertiseMint make the jump from successful idea to a successful company.

“In terms of advertisement, there has never been a more powerful advertising tool to reach the exact person that you want for as little money as possible as Facebook,” Brian declared. “If you’re not looking into targeted ads, you’re missing out on a gold rush.”

“Focus on the need you are fulfilling.”

Brian’s commitment to this belief has guided the company to attract international clients and grow revenue month after month amidst a community of tech start-ups that, unfortunately, cannot boast the same success. A good instinct for marketing trends, a generous helping of grit, and a network of influential groups have set Brian and AdvertiseMint up for ultimate future success.

When asked to share some advice with potential founders and business owners, Brian had several pieces of advice: focus on the need you are fulfilling, focus on your money, and make sure that even in this digital world, you hold on to your business cards. Being cool is great, but it does not usually generate revenue.

Keep a lookout for Brian Meert’s new digital book The Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting. One of the first of its kind, the book will be edited every three to six months to stay relevant in the ever-changing industry it tracks.

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