Akbar, Cuisine of India

Avinash Kapoor is the proud owner of Akbar, Cuisine of India and an incredible example of small business leadership and success.


Avinash Kapoor, Owner & Founder


Los Angeles, CA


(310) 937-3800

Since 1989, Avinash Kapoor has been experimenting with authentic Indian recipes and healthy cooking methods to create a never-experienced taste of gourmet Indian fusion food in southern California.

Akbar, Cuisine of India began its flavor exploration at its third location in Hermosa Beach location in 2013 when Kapoor came to VEDC in search of a loan to remodel the new restaurant. With $50,000 of newfound funding, Akbar was able to refurbish, stock, and bring new life to the establishment as well as retain 18 jobs. “Obtaining this financing meant a lot for me,” Kapoor said. “VEDC helped me out. My restaurant got remodeled within budget with few delays; I was back in business thanks to VEDC.”

Kapoor began his 36-year cooking career working in his father’s restaurant by day, and tinkering with traditional recipes by night, starting what would become the new, health-conscious menu that Akbar offers today. After his father’s death in 1992, Kapoor decided to throw himself whole-heartedly into his culinary passions, creating a legacy and labor of love when he opened the first Akbar, Cuisine of India restaurant in 1996, naming it after his father’s eatery where he first dove into Indian cuisine.

Over the years, Kapoor and Akbar have made a name for themselves by adapting classic Indian cooking styles to engineer calorie-light Indian fusion recipes that still maintain the rich Indian flavors and spices. Kapoor said he first “flirted” with the kitchen at age 10. Later in his career, Kapoor even changed the face of Indian fusion cuisine when he introduced mango cheesecake, coconut gravy lamb, and Akbar’s renowned Chilean sea bass to the culinary world.

Through VEDC funding, Kapoor was able to generate such success at the Hermosa Beach location that the business is now looking to expand further. “There is so much more I want to accomplish,” he said, referencing his plans to spread his cultural flavor adaptions to a Las Vegas location. “I hope VEDC will be my partner.”

In the coming years, Kapoor hopes to spread his classic wine and Indian cuisine pairings and unique flavor combinations even farther, continuing his father’s legacy of spreading Indian cuisine across the west coast.

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