Why Good Design is Important to Small Business

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In case you haven’t noticed, VEDC gave itself a facelift this month. We rolled out a brand new logo, an updated website, and new ways to interact with our organization through email, simple online forms, and automated appointment scheduling. It’s a good way to start the new year: looking and feeling fresh!

So, for an organization using the same logo shape for 42 years, why would we update it now? The truth is, we didn’t make all these changes just to be different. We made them for you.

Good Design = Customer Service

A simple bell is an example of good design

Believe it or not, design is very much connected to customer service. Good design is easy to use, and therefore easy to understand. Think about a “ring for service” bell on a front desk counter— would a customer ring the bell if it was covered in spikes? Or peanut butter? Probably not. Because the bell is simple to use, people ring it and can easily be helped.

We think about good design in very much the same way. We want our website to be easy to use and understand, and the application process so simple you can apply for funding with your eyes closed. Literally! Our site is easy for vision-impaired visitors to read and accessible to people from all walks of life.

Good design rocks!

Good design rocks!

Good design doesn’t just apply to the internet, either. Your business plan and the process by which your company operates has to be designed. Good phone etiquette, low-cost product packaging, font size on your business card, and even the placement of the cash register in relation to the front door—these are all examples of customer service design in action.

If you want to implement good customer-oriented design in your business, call or visit our business centers. Our staff is well-connected in the community and we can refer you to a local designer who can help you get started. See our list of local business centers here.

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