How Microlending Affects the Economy Domestically

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The effects of microlending can be felt all throughout the United States (and countries all over the world). Microlending’s greatest impacts occur at the local level through the growth and expansion of small business. When a microloan is extended to a borrower who starts a restaurant in a town, jobs are created, revenue is generated, taxes are collected, and the local economy of that town grows. In towns and cities throughout the United States, small businesses are being created with the help of microloans.

The growth of the local economies in all the places that micro lending occurs leads to the expansion of the domestic economy. This growth, while only occurring on a small scale, eventually accumulates into real, sustained growth for the United States as a whole. Micro lending, which assists in creating jobs and helping businesses, is directly responsible for injecting capital into the economy.  It is this injection of capital that helps keep the United States economy among the healthiest domestic economies in the world.

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