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VEDC has been serving the small business community for over 40 years. Learn more about our commitment to neighborhood growth and regeneration through employment.

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VEDC offers small business loans to entrepreneurs and business owners in California, New York, and Illinois looking to expand their business and create jobs in their communities.
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True believers in business.

Since 1976, VEDC has been helping small business owners achieve their dreams of entrepreneurship. Whether through low-interest financing and industry-leading partnerships with local banks, or graduating thousands of the best from our workshop academies, VEDC is the #1 resource for business owners.

Community Banking

Your community partner

VEDC is a community, and with every entrepreneur we help, our family grows a little more.

As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), we’re equipped to provide you the best support and business resources available to help your enterprise, and the smartest people in their field to work alongside you.

Building Credit

Build a line of credit

Building a line of credit can seem impossible if a bank won’t give you the chance. Yet often, your neighborhood bank is the best option for lending capital.

We help by offering reasonable term loans and responsible financial assistance to prepare you for larger credit institutions. Once your business is prepared, we personally connect you to a local bank and work closely to help the transition.

Fighting bad loans

Fixing a broken industry

The finance industry has a problem with predatory lenders, whose abusive practices destroy businesses, families, and entire communities.

VEDC fights abusive lending by transferring your debt to low-interest manageable term loans, offering debt training to help recognize and avoid future issues, and providing a support system to get your business back up and running.

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La Fiesta Party Supplies and Gifts

Mirna Aracely Garcias was born in Guatemala. She immigrated to the United States legally in 2000 in order to seek a better life and immediately began working in hopes of achieving the American dream. She met a young man and he soon became her boyfriend. [...]

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The best financial solution
Always the Best Financial Solution.

From Microloans starting at $500 to traditional loans up to $500,000, VEDC’s products fit any small business financing needs.

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Always Easy to Reach.

Call our toll-free number, email our help desk, or visit our team wherever we have an office. We’re always here for you.

Simple and easy
Always simple and easy.

We’ve worked hard to make our application process as simple as possible, and the VEDC team is here to guide you through if you have questions.

Real people
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We love to talk, so we don’t let robots do it for us. If you call or email, a real person will answer.